Causes of Back Pain

Welcome to this article! For this article, I decided to talk about the top 5 causes of back pain. Back pain is a very common occurrence and is also something that can completely ruin your day. While people often focus on how to relieve back pain, they also should focus on what caused the back pain to begin with! If you are frequently having back pain, there is a likely cause for it. With this article, I am going to share my list of the top 5 causes of back pain.

1. An Injury

The top cause (at least from my experience) of back pain is some injury. Did you try to lift something too heavy for you? Were you out playing sports? Did you take a major fall? While cleaning, were you bending over a lot? All of these events can lead to back pain. If you find yourself having frequent back pain and you are also frequently exercising or frequently lifting heavy objects, you may have found the cause of your back pain.

2. Something Is Wrong With Your Back

Another major cause of back pain is that something is wrong with your back. Perhaps there is a problem in your spine or some of your joints. You may also have muscle tension or a herniated disc. If you think any of this is the case, then as always, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Disease

If you are having frequent back pain, another possibility is that you may have some disease. This could be a disease that has happened recently or something that runs in your family. For instance, kidney stones can cause back pain. While this cause of back pain is a lot less common then the other two, if you are having frequent back pain, you should talk to a doctor.

4. Depression/Anxiety

Believe it or not, it is possible for frequent depression or anxiety to cause back pain. If you find yourself stressed, this can lead to your back becoming tense. Your back being tense can then lead to the back pain that you are experiencing. Like any other medical condition, if you feel you might be depressed, talk to a doctor!

5. Infections

This is rather rare, but there is the possibility that your back pain may be caused by some infection. Like I said, it’s not that common, but if you have some infection in your back muscles, this may be causing your back pain. Like always, if your back pain lasts longer then a few days, talk to a doctor!

I hope you found this list of the top 5 causes of back pain helpful. The best way to deal with back pain is to prevent it from happening. Identifying the cause of your back pain is a great step in making sure that you don’t have to deal with the back pain any time soon.

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